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Case study: Building Medium's next product three months before them.

No tip-offs. Just a lot of data to play with.

Monitor Funding Rounds & Success Stories for Recurring Themes

Every single day we monitor more than 15 sources of funding and acquisition news when it comes to online businesses.

We also track podcasts who interview individuals that would never get covered on the likes of TechCrunch, but still make a great income from their business.

When you monitor every success from Silicon Valley to Mumbai, with Europe in between, it becomes easy to spot trends around the world.

If you're looking to build 'the next big thing', the best place to start is with what's working for others.

Pick One Angle That Excites You and Map Out the Market.

One online angle with success story after success story is that of condensed learning. That means understanding complex topics through bite-sized information.

From Blinkist and Philosophers Notes who offer book summaries, to the BBC with their 2-minute daily podcast, we felt this was a really exciting topic to cover.

If you're excited by the angle that one business takes, find every similar success story you possibly can.

Find the Gaps and Build the Solution

When trawling through iTunes, we found a number of podcasts which 'read' the best articles on particular topics (personal finance and personal development).

At first we thought we would create a podcast which does the same for any niche, but then realised our favourite source of content often comes from Medium.

And what was missing from Medium? The best articles on the site, spoken for people who prefer to listen.

Probably by pure coincidence, three months later Medium came out with the exact same thing, going to show that you really can predict the next big thing


2006. Launching an SEO Agency at 16 Years Old.

The most popular case study on Gaps is undoubtedly that of 10Beasts, which dominated Google and profits via Amazon affiliate links.

After analysing our database of success stories, we found there was still huge potential in the 'condensed learning' market..

We decided to launch a podcast where we would take the best articles from Medium.com and read them aloud.

2009. A 'Top 10' Personal Development Blog

Just two months after sharing our case study with the world (and three months after starting), Medium released an official 'spoken' section which allows authors on the site to have their articles read for a podcast.,

While we won't claim to have had any influence on Medium's decision (we most likely did not) it does go to show you really can predict the next big thing.

If you would like to read the entire case study, you can do so here.

2012. A Six-Figure Wordpress Plugin.

To my knowledge, OptinSkin (which I later sold) was the first ever opt-in form plugin for Wordpress.

I found myself going through a lot of pain to put opt-in forms on my blogs and decided to create a solution that made it easy for anyone.

The plugin was #1 in the software category on Clickbank for three years straight, and generated around $300,000 in that time.

Today there are dozens if not hundreds of opt-in solutions for Wordpress showing that if you find a point of pain, there's always money to be made in the solution.

2015. A Seven-Figure Marketing Agency.

In 2015, for the first time ever, the SEO agency I ran with my business partner Diggy just crossed the 7-figure mark in revenue.

I say agency, though we have no offices and never meet with clients face-to-face.

SEO is a tricky business with an ever-changing landscape so we like to spend time building other projects to keep on top of 'what works' and what knowledge we can pass on to others aswell.

2017. Detailed.com: Unsplash for Content Marketers.

To give ourselves the ultimate challenge, we attempted to build a profitable "startup" in 28 days with just a $100 budget.

After analysing our database of success stories, we found there was still huge potential in the 'condensed learning' market..

We decided to launch a podcast where we would take the best articles from Medium.com and read them aloud.

And now...Gaps.

The idea behind Gaps isn't a new concept for me. I actually started sending people profitable niche ideas in 2010 under the name 'Cloud niche'.

Later, in 2012, I rebranded this list to be called 'Inc Ideas' which came with better writing but an arguably worse name.

Gaps, launched in December 2016, is hopefully a much better name and comes with much better writing, but I'll let you be the judge of that...

Our Dream Case Study: Helping the Street Dogs of Asia.

In 2015 I fell in love with a street dog named 'Muffin'. After seeing her covered in blood one day after a fight, I took her to a local dog shelter.

Little did I know that Muffin would be taken off the streets and find a loving home in Canada thanks to the amazing people who cared for her.

Since then I've been trying to raise money for them and would love your help. You can learn more here: https://detailed.com/linklove.

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