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Rank First Manifesto: A Boring But Important Request

Written by Glen Allsopp | +1,208 this month
February 9, 2023

Glen, can you just get into the niches already?

OK, here’s the link to the first one, but I would really appreciate it if you didn’t click it and instead read this page first (there’s another link to the niche ideas at the bottom).

There are no ads on the following pages.

No hidden mentions of any friends websites.

Nor are there any affiliate links.

(There may be some in future editions of this report, but none exist at the moment).

For that reason, I don’t have to say any of what I’m about to say. I’m doing it out of respect for having an audience and people who, on occasion, care about what I have to say.

Hopefully it’s obvious but just incase it isn’t: Please don’t go all in and blow your life savings just because I say something is a good opportunity.

Even if I genuinely (and I do) believe it is.

If you’ve never built a website before and you’re spending more than $40 to see if one of these ideas can work for you ($9 domain, $30/year hosting) then you’re doing it wrong.

I forbid you to spend more than that if this is your first rodeo.

I’ve had success in a lot of different industries.

I built and sold a blog on personal development for five figures.

I built a WordPress plugin that generated hundreds of thousands in revenue.

I’ve sold 7-figures worth of SEO service work.

But I’ve also had dozens of websites that did nothing but cost me time and money.

I’m not here to sell the idea of getting rich quick online, even though it is undoubtedly possible. The internet is home to a lot of people, so there will always be some inspiring exceptions.

So while I believe you can get involved in the following industries and likely have quicker results than some other spaces, that of course isn’t guaranteed.

If you don’t fall in love with any of the following ideas, be sure not to take action on them either.

If you don’t instantly think “That’s it. That’s the industry I’m getting involved in next.” then don’t start thinking about the domain name you’ll put it on. Move on. is home to a lot more ideas, and will be home to many more going forward.

I am here to speed up your process, but you’ll undoubtedly face hurdles along the way.

You’ll try to sell something people don’t go crazy for.

You’ll spend weeks building a lead magnet that gets a lot of opt-ins but doesn’t help your bottom line.

You’ll rank for your dream keyphrase one week, only to find yourself on page two or beyond for it the next.

Only if you’re obsessed by an idea are you likely to keep moving forward when those hurdles present themselves.

I write these ideas because they’ll be forever in my head if I don’t (and who knows, maybe I’ll get an awesome SEO lead out of them one day).

But let’s not go crazy and quit our day jobs over some pixels on a screen.

Start slow.

Start small.

Invest only what you make after your initial budget is spent.

And forgive me for giving you an extra page to click on before we got into the good stuff.


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