Last Updated: March 10th, 2020

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MindGeek is a world leader in web design and development with over 115 million daily visitors, over 3 billion daily ad impressions, and over 15 TB of content uploaded daily to their web properties. Why, then, haven’t you heard of them? That’s because they own and operate primarily pornographic websites such as Pornhub, YouPorn, Brazzers, and Redtube.

The Montreal-based MindGeek brands itself as an IT company, although it deals mostly in the Internet pornography industry. According to the company’s website, MindGeek is “pioneering the future of online traffic” but stops short of describing what kind of traffic they’re pioneering.

Founded in 2004, MindGeek was born from a merger of Mansef (owner of Brazzers) and Interhub (owner of Pornhub). Six years later, the company (then-named Manwin) leveraged venture capital to acquire many leading porn websites to form a quasi-monopoly on pornography production, advertising, and online adult video playback for which it has generated criticism over the years.

MindGeek: Their Timeline and Assets

MindGeek is known for its significant holdings in free pornographic “tube sites,” in that they mirror YouTube’s video playback format. The company’s most popular tube platforms, such as Pornhub and Redtube, offer millions of hours of free professional-grade and amateur porn videos.

With a near-monopoly on the Internet’s pornographic catalog, MindGeek has a hydra-like presence over the porn industry. They own the top Hollywood-like adult production studios (like Brazzers and Reality Kings), content delivery and aggregator sites (like Pornhub and GayTube), and the advertising companies that fund them.

To provide a glimpse into MindGeek’s development, look no further than the company’s aggressive acquisition strategy over the past decade, which we’ve summarized below:

  • 2010: Acquires EuroRevenue, enters a partnership with Wicked Pictures, and launches two non-adult news and video websites.
  • 2011: Acquires YouPorn, Carsed Marketing Incorporated, becomes an operating partner with Playboy
  • 2012: Acquires Digital Playground and Reality Kings Netmedia Inc., launches
  • 2013: Acquires
  • 2014: Acquire online assets of Really Useful Ltd.
  • 2015: Sign distribution deal with Pulse Distribution, acquires ExtremeTube, KeezMovies, and SpankWire

How MindGeek Monetizes Its Free Tube Sites

Like Google and Facebook, MindGeek is in the business of personalized advertising. However, MindGeek sets itself apart by being primarily involved in the adult video industry. MindGeek tracks user browsing and collects the data of the visitors of any of its network of web properties.

MindGeek is able to monetize many of its free websites by mining personal data and selling it to third-party advertisers or retaining it for first-party advertising. With over 125 million daily visits to the MindGeek network of websites, MindGeek is given plenty of intimate data with which it can target users for niche paid porn sites, adult toys, or sexual health medications.

In fact, MindGeek collects more user data than other media streaming giants Hulu and Netflix. Unlike these paid subscription sites, many of MindGeek’s web assets are free to use in exchange for the collection of the user’s data.

MindGeek doesn’t just collect data about what its users click. Rather, MindGeek analyzes millions of data points regarding what each individual user’s preferences are, how long they watch, where they pause the videos, how long they spend on each video, what they click away from, and what they search for—just to name a few.

With this data, MindGeek compiles detailed biographies of every user, which are then used to create hyper-personalized ads.

Company Information

MindGeek is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where the majority of its 1,400 employees are based. Additionally, the company has foreign offices in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Greece, and the USA.

Today, MindGeek is joint-owned by CEO Feras Antoon and COO David Tassillo. MindGeek has annual recurring revenues of $460 million. The company is dedicated to protecting minors and children online by being a member of the nonprofit Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) which advocates for measures that restrict minors’ access to adult content.

In recent years, MindGeek has emerged as a global leader in online video streaming and has established itself as a monopolized media streaming titan. Although the company brands itself as an ostensibly clean and boring information technology (IT) firm, MindGeek is anything but.

Over the past decade, the Montreal-based firm has capitalized on the pornography business’s decline to acquire adult websites and production companies at a discount. The result is an adult megacorporation with over a near-monopoly on the Internet pornography industry.