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We 'skyped' over Black Friday two years ago - you changed my life more than you know. I've since left my day job.

Ted Forbes, Art of Photography

336,000 Subscribers

You changed my life and now I live traveling the world. I was born in a super poor neighborhood and you literally took me out of there with the information you share for free.

Judith Tirado


He has done work for various Fortune 500 companies and is well known for sharing helpful SEO case studies both on his blog and in the podcast.

Eric Siu, Single Grain Contributor

Gaps Readers Are Getting Results.

Ted Forbes: 366,000 Youtube Subscribers.

As Ted has been on the homepage of Gaps from day one (with his permission), it seems right to share his story first.

His Youtube channel, The Art of Photography, has grown massively since our Skype call a few years ago and his other online projects are thriving.

Make no mistake about it though, my suggestions can only take you so far. Ted has succeeded because of persistence and incredible content.

Michael L: Employs 50+ People for His eCommerce Store.

A few years ago one of my good friends needed a place to stay. I didn't have a spare room at the time but did offer to let him sleep on the couch.

As with Ted, I won't claim to have any mystical powers to have changed his life around, but with some belief in himself, his only business now generates 7-figures while employing more than 50 staff.

I know the Shopify image is a bit generic as I can't reveal his actual website, but you can see his Facebook post about this on our story page.

Gonzalo Sanchez: Becoming the Top Story on Product Hunt.

Not every success story I've had a small part in helping took years oto complete, or resulted in something mind-blowing.

Sometimes quick wins are possible, and that's what happened with Gonzalo Sanchez, who read my article on a 15-word website that collected hundreds of thousands of email addresses.

Proving the concept behind Gaps that you can take a success story from one niche and apply it to the other, Gonzalo's version quickly became the top story on Product Hunt.

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